synaptics laptopA report from last month revealed that Apple could be working on a new MacBook Pro refresh that would feature a built-in fingerprint sensor (another version we heard was that you could login using your iPhone’s Touch ID). Fingerprint readers on laptops aren’t new, and neither were they on phones, but the responsiveness of Touch ID has definitely renewed interest in the tech.

Now it seems that even though Apple’s MacBook Pro has yet to be released, there are many who are predicting that PC makers will likely be drawing from the same inspiration to create laptops with built-in fingerprint readers. Speaking to Engadget, Synaptic’s vice president of marketing Godfrey Cheng said that in the next 3 years or so, he believes all laptops will feature fingerprint readers in some form or the other.

The company actually debuted their own take on the technology at Computex where they showed how the fingerprint reader was actually embedded underneath a glass layer on the trackpad. This design means that the overall laptop’s look can be kept streamlined and clean, whereas in the past laptops with fingerprint readers usually had a separate unit embedded into the body of the laptop, which admittedly was a bit ugly.

In any case it remains to be seen whether or not the Apple rumors are true, but regardless it seems to have inspired PC makers to follow suit which we guess can only be a good thing.

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