Ubisoft has finally revealed all of the details about Watch Dogs 2, the sequel to its popular new franchise. Watch Dogs 2 presents a fictional take on the San Francisco Bay Area where version 2.0 of ctOS collects and controls all of the information. Our protagonist gets wrongly identified as a highly wanted criminal by ctOS which turns him towards bending ctOS to his own will in order to fight back against the system.

Our protagonist is Marcus Holloway, a young hacker from Oakland who uses his talents to fight back against ctOS by teaming up with hacker collective DedSec. Marcus is a great hacker, capable of hacking every mechanical or electronic object in the game. He can even take remote control of vehicles on the road.

Marcus has an advanced 3D printer which lets him craft everything from weapon upgrades to disposable drones. He has a variety of lethal and non-lethal options available to him in order to get any job done. Ubisoft says that Marcus is also a better driver than the original Watch Dogs protagonist Aiden Pearce was and that driving in the new game is going to be a more accessible and rewarding experience.

Players will succeed in the game by completing missions but how they complete missions is entirely up to them. Each mission can be tackled in a variety of ways that the player can think of. Watch Dogs 2 disrupts the sandbox narrative by spreading missions across the game’s world which players can complete in any order, each mission will have an attached storyline.

Those missions can also be ignored in favor of side missions. A seamless online experience is baked in the game as well that lets players bring other hackers into their game without needing to navigate menus and loading screens.

Watch Dogs 2 is slated for release on November 15th, 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Ubisoft will reveal more information about the game in the months to come.

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