One of the rumored features of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is its iris scanner, which thanks to a leaked photo the other day, we kind of know what to expect. However the question is, how fast does it work? How does the interface look like? Thanks to a new video that has made its way online, all has been revealed.

The video in question (see above) is extremely short. There is no introduction, no talking, just the iris scanner in action. It runs for about 5 seconds but it shows us just how fast the scanning technology is. Some have argued that iris scanning is said to be faster and more secure than fingerprint scanning, and from this video it certainly looks like at least the speed portion is right.

However we suppose scanning your iris isn’t quite as convenient as using your fingerprint as it means you’ll have to hold your phone up to your eyes everytime you want to unlock it, versus fingerprints where you don’t even need to look at your phone to unlock. No word on whether Samsung plans on retaining the fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy Note 7, but it would be great if they did since it would provide multiple security options for the user.

In any case more details are expected to be unveiled come 2nd of August, so remember to check back with us then for the official information. In the meantime enjoy this video before it gets taken down.

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