lowline project 6When you think of parks, you probably think the bright, sunny outdoors where you can take a leisurely stroll and enjoy nature. Maybe enjoy a bike ride, a romantic date, a picnic, and so on. However over in New York City, it seems that the city has approved a new park, but this won’t be like Central Park, it will be the world’s first underground park.

If this sounds familiar, it is because last year there were plans to try and crowdfund the idea, and we guess it must have gotten the attention it needed for the idea to be approved. The Lowline Project, when completed, will be arriving in the Lower East Side of Manhattan come 2020 where the entire project is said to cost $55 million.

There will be a roof that will stream sunlight into the park thanks to a periscope-like system that will channel the sun’s rays downwards. It has also been suggested that it could prove to be a decent haven during winter where instead of holing up at home, residents could still get to enjoy nature “outdoors”.

The park can also be used as a multipurpose space where events can be held, like fitness classes, or spaces where people can come to meditate.

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