pokemon-goThe issue with apps that have such a meteoric rise is whether or not they can sustain its popularity. For example Flappy Bird burst onto the scene but looking at today’s mobile gaming scene, little to nothing is said about the game today. Nintendo’s Miitomo also appeared to be on the fast track to success, but that eventually fizzled as well.

So the question is, how will Pokemon GO fare? The good news for fans worried about its longevity is that the folks at Niantic have a plan. During the Pokemon GO panel at the San Diego Comic-Con, the developers revealed that the game is only 10% of the final product, meaning that what gamers are playing now is only a small part of what they have planned in the overall picture.

This is good news as updates and new features are what keeps gamers playing and what makes gamers come back. For example Niantic revealed that they have plans to introduce more Pokemon (from a later generation) into the game, release legendary Pokemon once everyone has access to the app, and also introduce new functionality to the gyms.

The idea is to try and get more players to get out of the house and to meet up with other players, thus turning it into a social experience. So far it sounds promising and hopefully Niantic will be able to deliver as promised.

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