ps4Sony has confirmed that there will be a PS4 Neo. However in terms of specs, we’re not sure what to expect although safe to say that it will be more powerful than the current PS4. However thanks to a recent leak, it seems that the alleged specs of the upcoming PS4 have been revealed, although since they can’t be confirmed, take it with a grain of salt.

According to the leak, the upcoming PS4 Neo is expected to use the same “Jaguar” cores from the current PS4. There will be 8 cores and they will be clocked at 2.1GHz which makes it faster than the original PS4. The GPU is also said to be “enhanced” with 36 compute units running at 911MHz that is supposed to be an improvement of 2.3x times.

The PS4 Neo is also said to be packing the same 8GB of GDDR5 RAM, but apparently its bandwidth has been increased to 218 gigabits over the PS4’s 174 gigabits per second. In terms of storage, nothing has changed so gamers can look forward to the 500GB and 1TB options. Now the changes aren’t very huge but presumably this was done to keep costs down.

Also given that the PS4 Neo is expected to co-exist with the PS4, we’re guessing that Sony doesn’t want PS4 owners to feel like they might have been shortchanged. In any case we still don’t know when Sony plans on officially launching the console, so we guess we’ll just have to stay patient for now.

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