Apple Watch-34R-ModularClock-3rdParty-PRINTThe Apple Watch for the most part is pretty much the same device across the board, save for the choice of materials and also the various interchangeable bands that users could customize the watch with. However it seems that at one point in time, it was suggested that the Apple Watch band should have sensors built into it, but the idea was quickly shot down.

In an interview with Fast Company (via MacRumors), former Apple employee Bob Messerschmidt who helped with the development of the Apple Watch revealed what it was like working with Jony Ive and the rest of Apple’s Industrial Design Group. He also revealed that he had proposed building sensors into the band of the Apple Watch, which was an idea that the team rejected due to their desire for interchangeable bands.

“One great example is [when] I went to a meeting and said I’m going to put sensors in the watch but I’m going to put them down here (he points to the underside of the Apple Watch band he’s wearing) because I can get a more accurate reading on the bottom of the wrist than I can get on the top of the wrist. They (the Industrial Design group) said very quickly that “that’s not the design trend; that’s not the fashion trend. We want to have interchangeable bands so we don’t want to have any sensors in the band.”

Messerschmidt also highlighted how different the design and engineering teams are, and how the design constraints forced him to think out of the box, but what do you guys think? Would a sensor-laden band be something you might be interested in?

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