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Several months ago, we reported that in Singapore, there were plans to start testing out driverless pods as a means of public transportation where it could be used on smaller roads like those within a school’s campus or maybe in the suburbs. This idea isn’t new and over in Abu Dhabi, such transportation has already been implemented.

Now it looks like the idea is starting to catch on because over in Finland, the government has announced plans to start bringing these buses into the city of Helsinki. According to Finnish news outlet YLE, these EyeMile minibuses have actually been in testing for a while now, but this will be the first time that the buses will be integrated into the city and into roads with higher traffic.

It would seem that according to the laws in Finland, drivers are not necessarily needed in vehicles, meaning that it would be an ideal testing ground for self-driving technology. The testing of these buses are expected to kick off soon and will run for the next month or two. The buses themselves aren’t exactly speed demons and will be able to travel up to 6 miles per hour.

Because they’re not what many would call speedy, they will be used for short travel distances, like maybe to fetch passengers from a train station to a bus stop or something like that.

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