Would you like to own a piece of tech history? Be warned, though, you’re going to need a lot of disposable income to acquire this piece. The first Apple Stock certificate awarded to none other than co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs has now gone on sale for a cool $195,000. You’re essentially going to be paying this hefty sum for a piece of paper, granted that it has a lot of history attached to it.

Silicon Beat reports that this certificate was the first of its kind awarded to Steve Jobs. It was later recovered from a pile of trash and is now being sold by a rare documents dealer for the amount mentioned above.

The 1981 date that’s perforated in the document shows that this certificate was awarded to Steve Jobs soon after Apple went public in 1980. Moments in Time is the dealer that’s selling it.

This common stock certificate is said to have hung on Jobs’ office wall until 1985 when he was forced out of the company by the board. After he was removed, then Apple CEO John Sculley had Jobs’ office cleared of all items and the stock certificate ended up in the trash. An employee is said to have recovered it from the trash and kept it for 31 years.

The unnamed employee that’s selling this through Moments in Time has not come forward but has provided a notarized letter which attests to this certification’s authenticity. That’s the only piece of evidence that binds this entire story together, and it’s a good story.

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