iphone-7-home-button-failureSo here’s the thing: having a non-physical home button is great because it’s one less moving part, and it also means that there is one less component to break, at least physically. However it does open the door to other problems, like what if the home button actually fails for whatever reason? What are iPhone 7 users supposed to do then?

Thankfully Apple has thought about it and has actually created a workaround that was recently discovered. In a post on the MacRumors forum, user ‘iwayne’ revealed how Apple plans to offer users a temporary workaround should the home button fail and they don’t have time to drop by the store to get it fixed.

As you can see in the screenshot above, when iOS detects that the home button is not functioning properly, it will offer users an onscreen home button that pretty much does the same thing. The onscreen home button isn’t new as it can be accessed via the Accessibility options in the iOS settings, but for Apple to offer it up as a temporary alternative is a clever implementation of it.

We’re not sure what might cause the home button to stop functioning since there are no moving parts, but if and when it does, this feature will no doubt come in handy.

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