band3tilesWhile Microsoft might not have come right out and said it, it has been speculated that Microsoft could be done with their Band series of fitness trackers. The company not only stopped selling the Band 2, but they also stated that there are no plans for a new Band device this year, which isn’t exactly a confirmation of a discontinuation, but we reckon it’s pretty close.

That being said, a photo has recently made its way online and was posted on the Windows Central forum in which its poster, a certain FUD Hater, claims that the device in the photo is a prototype of the Band 3 which apparently has been cancelled. At a glance it seems that there isn’t anything different in terms of design compared to the Band 2.

However according to FUD Hater, the majority of the changes made to the Band 3 are under the hood. The device is said to be waterproof, feature an EKG for blood pressure tracking, and will also come with RFID. The decision to waterproof the device is also because Microsoft will be adding a new swim tile (pictured above) which will allow the user to track their biometrics even while swimming.

However like we said, Microsoft could have very well called it quits on the Band lineup so what we are seeing is a device that could have been. We could be wrong and Microsoft could simply be taking a break from the Band lineup to come up with something drastically different, but until then we guess this prototype photo will have to do.

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