samsung_gear_s3_22If controlling your virtual reality headset via your smartwatch is something that you might be interested in, your wish could soon come true. A report from SamMobile has revealed that according to their sources, it would seem that Samsung is currently developing an app for its smartwatches that will let users control the Gear VR from their wrist.

The remote control app is said to be only available for the Gear S2 and Gear S3 smartwatches, so for those of you with other smartwatches on different platforms, it would seem that you’ll be out of luck for now. We can’t say we blame Samsung as it makes sense that they would want to create reasons for customers to buy fully into their ecosystem.

That being said, it seems that operating the app via the smartwatch is easy. Navigating the Gear VR will see users rotate the bezel on the smartwatch, and making selections can be done by pressing the physical button on the watch. All of this should make it pretty easy for users to use the smartwatch even with the Gear VR strapped to their face.

It also opens the door to all kinds of possibilities, such as gaming where your watch could be used as some kind of controller. There is no release date yet, but according to SamMobile, they speculate it will probably only see a release alongside the Galaxy S8 in 2017.

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