Toyota might be a brand many of us would be familiar with when it comes to cars. However the company does more than sell cars and if you might recall, in 2015 during the Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota took the wraps off a cute little robot called the Kirobo Mini. The good news is that come 2017, the robot will actually be available for purchase.


In case you missed out on last year’s report, the Kirobo Mini is a robot designed to be a cute and cuddly companion. The robot is actually a miniaturized version of the Kirobo, a robot that was jointly developed by Toyota and sent into space in 2013. In the Kirobo Mini’s case, it seems to be a companion designed for the car.

It will come with a cradle that will fit the car’s cupholder, which according to the company, will “helping it fulfill its role as a cuddly companion always on hand for heart-touching communication.” It is apparently capable of detecting human emotion and can ask questions like, “Why are you sad?” when it detects that you’re feeling down.

It will also be able to react to certain situations, such as when the driver brakes too hard in which the robot can yell out, “That was scary!” According to Toyota, the goal is to try and make communication between humans and machines more natural, something that Fujitsu seems to be trying with the Robopin they showed off at CEATEC this year.

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