Samsung-Galaxy-S7-vs-S7-edge-07_900While it is unclear as to how much the Samsung Galaxy S8 will cost, it is probably safe to assume that Samsung will probably price it roughly around the same price as the Galaxy S7. Or at least that’s the hope because a report out of Korea (via SamMobile) is saying that analysts at Goldman Sachs estimates that the Galaxy S8 will be more expensive.

How much more expensive, you ask? According to the analysts, they believe that Samsung could hike the price up by as much as 15-20%. Apparently this is due to the increase in price of raw materials, which in turn means that Samsung will have to hike the price of the phone up if they hope to maintain the same profit margins as before, that is unless they wouldn’t mind absorbing some of the costs themselves.

Then again huge companies like Samsung do have investors to answer to so as much as absorbing the hike in price seems like a noble solution, we doubt that’s going to happen. That being said, we’re not sure if customers will respond well to the price hike. The entire fiasco with the Note 7 has most definitely left a bitter taste in the mouths of customers, so whether or not these customers are willing to give Samsung another chance and at the same time be open to a price hike remains to be seen.

However as you might recall, customers who bought the Note 7 are eligible for a 50% discount on the Galaxy S8, so we guess that should help to soften the blow somewhat, but either way this information is probably best taken with a grain of salt for now.

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