google_recent_searchGoogle’s search engine is what helped propel the company into the tech giant that they are today, and search is still one of the core businesses at the company despite them branching out into IoT, self-driving cars, robotics, and more. For the most part search has been pretty useful, but Google is looking to improve on some of its features.

In a report by Android Police, it seems that Google is testing out a “recent” tab in its Google Search app on Android. As the name suggests, this tab will allow users to look at some of the things they’ve searched for before. This is important because sometimes depending on how the search is phrased and what words are used, the order of the results may vary. So if there’s a particular website that you want to go to but forgot the URL or name, this could come in handy.

Google also appears to be testing out an offline search mode. This doesn’t let you search while offline since obviously an internet connection is needed, but if you are offline, Google will instead “save” your search so that when you have a better connection, the search will go through and you’ll get a notification that the page is ready.

This should allow users to queue up searches so that they won’t forget about it later. Last but not least there’s also a “Lite” mode that strips the page of all unnecessary content, so if your connection isn’t that good, you’ll still be able to get to where you need.

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