iPhone6s-Hand-SafariQuickAction-PR-PRINTSome of you guys might have heard the reports of the iPhone 6s facing some battery problems, in which for some reason at around 30% battery, the iPhone would just suddenly shut down. Now it seems that with the release of iOS 10.2, that problem is starting to look like it might not be exclusive to the iPhone 6s anymore, according to a report from Forbes.

The report from Forbes points to a 62-page thread on Apple’s official Support Communities forum in which non-iPhone 6s users are complaining of their phone’s batteries, and the release of iOS 10.2 seems to have made things worse. Forbes quotes one user “ricardo jb” in which he acknowledges that this problem was exacerbated by iOS 10.2.

His post reads, “Same here, iOS 10.2 actually made the problem worse. The battery percentage seems to get stuck at some level for a while, even with battery draining apps such as pokemon go running, then it drops different percentages at different moments, it’s really random.” It seems if anything, iOS 10.2 has “introduced” that problem to iPhones that weren’t affected before, and as it stands, Apple is maintaining that this problem is an iPhone 6s problem that was limited to a small batch of phones.

That being said, iOS 10.2.1 could be a potential fix. Users who signed up to be part of the beta are claiming that their phones don’t die at 30-50% anymore. Whether or not Apple addressed it in the update remains to be seen as the company did not disclose any of the changes they’ve made to iOS 10.2.1, but hopefully when iOS 10.2.1 is released, users affected by this weird battery bug will have a solution to their problem.

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