Google search relies on users typing in what they are looking for. Sure, you could use voice search but basically this still converts it to text. However it seems that Google is now trying out a new and novel way for users to search for things just by tweeting an emoji to the official Google Twitter account.

According to Google, the feature will support over 200 emojis of food, sites, and activities. What this means is that if you’re hungry, you can tweet a burger emoji and Google will tweet back at you with a link to “burgers nearby” your location. Now we know that this is not very useful since sometimes there are things we want to search specifically for.

However like we said, this seems to be a novel feature and we’re not sure what Google plans to do with this feature other than it being merely for fun. However if you do enjoy having Google tweet back at you or if you’re just looking for something fun to try out around your area and want some suggestions, this could come in handy. All you’d have to do is type in an emoji and tag @Google and you should be able to expect a reply in the next few seconds!

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