itunes-allowanceIf you are an iOS user, chances are more often than not you’ll be prompted within the various apps you use to leave a review for the app. This prompt pops up more often than not despite you saying “No thanks” or “Never”. This is something that Apple is looking to cut down, according to a report from Recode.


According to the report from the publication, it seems that Apple will now reduce the number of times developers can prompt users for a review to just 3 times a year. Prior to this there was no hard limit on the prompts, which means that if developers chose to, they could prompt users every time they open the app.

However if you don’t want to leave any reviews whatsoever, not to worry as apparently there will be an option for users to turn the prompts off, although by default they will be turned on. However reviews are important as they let developers know if they are doing the right thing or are on the right track, and what could be improved upon.

To make things easier for users without it necessarily disrupting their use of the app, Apple is also adding the ability for reviews and ratings to be made without having to leave the app which should come in handy. These changes are expected to find their way into the next iOS 10 update.

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