usb-bus-chargerWhen it comes to public charging of our smartphones and tablets, we’re starting to see more public transportation services offer up USB charging spots, like on trains and airplanes. Now it seems that over in Japan, you will soon be able to charge your phone while you’re on the bus as well.

According to a report from ITMedia (via CNET), it looks like Japan’s bus services are trialing out the new feature. At the moment it seems that it is limited to one bus in Tokyo (it is possible that there are more but so far only one has been spotted) where there will be five wall-mounted charging stations positioned throughout the vehicle.

Using the feature is straightforward and you just plug in like normal and it is also free to use. It is a pretty clever idea especially when you consider that many people rely on buses for transportation to and from work or school, so to provide a means for them to recharge their devices is going to come in pretty handy.

Japan is obviously not the first to come up with such an idea and it is unclear as to when it will roll out to more buses, but hopefully it picks up and hopefully we’ll see more countries around the world adopt similar systems as well.

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