When Nintendo confirmed the Switch’s pricing and availability earlier this month, they also confirmed some of its features, one of which is the capacitive touchscreen. However oddly enough the company did not show it off in action, and if you were to check out the various hands-on videos on YouTube, none of them show the touchscreen either.

Instead the focus seemed to be on the Switch’s JoyCon controllers. However if you’re curious about the Switch’s touchscreen capabilities, you’re in luck because in a video uploaded by All Games Beta (via Eurogamer), it shows off the Switch using the touchscreen to demo a game of Skylanders Imaginators.

As to why Nintendo did not show off the touchscreen in action, Eurogamer speculates that the reason could be because Nintendo feels that this would kind of ruin the narrative that they have, which is the Switch is first and foremost a home console, as opposed to being viewed as a tablet or a portable gaming console, even though they do have those capabilities.

It is also possible that maybe the games shown during the presentation still has some kinks left to work out regarding touchscreen capabilities, so maybe that’s why. Either way if you have a minute to spare you can check out the screen in action above.

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