samsung-drive-vrThey say that practice makes perfect but there is also a reason why theory is typically taught first before moving onto practical. It is also why when it comes to driving, students typically go for theory lessons first before they are given a chance to drive an actual car. However it seems that over in Austria, they could be turning to VR to give students a slightly different lesson.

Driving while distracted is dangerous and according to a study conducted by the Austrian automobile association, they found that in 2015, 76% of distracted drivers were not able to brake on time to avoid obstacles or accidents. This is why together with Samsung Austria, they will be using the Drive VR app to teach beginner drivers about the dangers of distracted driving in a safe environment.

Basically the idea of the lesson is to show drivers how quickly an accident can take place when they are distracted, as well as the various consequences of their actions. With VR helping to immerse students in virtual scenarios, we reckon it would be a lot more effective than simply talking about it.

This is an interesting concept and it is no doubt a great use of virtual reality technology, so perhaps in the future we could see more schools adopt the technology and incorporate it into their lessons.

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