Image credit - iFixit

Image credit – iFixit


A couple of days ago Samsung revealed the reasons why the Galaxy Note 7 handsets caught on fire. The company concluded that it was due to faulty batteries in which both their suppliers seemed to have run into different manufacturing issues, which is why the explosions continued even after the first round of recalls and the replacement of the batteries.

While Samsung themselves have announced an 8-point battery safety check procedure, Samsung SDI, one the Note 7’s battery suppliers, has also announced that they plan on investing 150 billion won (about $128 million) towards improving battery safety overall following the Note 7 mishap.

According to Cho Nam-seong, President of Samsung SDI, he was quoted as saying, “We are now standing at the crossroads of life and death of the company. Whether we work together for a complete overhaul or fade into the mists of history will depend on our determination.” To that end they have also appointed over 100 employees to safety teams that include Development, Production and Technology, and Quality and Verification.

It also seems that despite having received some bad rep over the Note 7’s batteries, business appears to be chugging along just fine as the company claims to have received a good number of orders for its polymer batteries, as well as orders from automotive brands for batteries for electric and hybrid vehicles.

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