Image credit – Feuerwehr München

What would you do if you were driving along the highway and saw another car driving erratically and slamming against the guardrails multiple times? We’re pretty sure most of us would probably avoid that vehicle, but in the case of an unnamed 41-year old, he decided that he would “sacrifice” his Tesla to stop the car and prevent further damage and injury.

According to a report by Muenchner Merkur, what happened is that over in Germany, the 41-year old Tesla driver spotted a Volkswagen Passat driving erratically. He called the fire department but in the meantime, he also decided to do what he could to help by driving in front of the Passat and tapping his brakes so that the Passat would come into contact with his bumper.

He kept doing so until both cars eventually came to a halt. According to the fire department, the driver of the Passat was found unconscious and they speculate that he might have suffered a stroke while driving his vehicle, although it could have been a lot worse had the car continue to drive unchecked.

It was reported that both cars suffered about 10,000 Euro worth of damages in total, but the good news is that after catching wind of the heroic deed, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk tweeted that the company would be covering the cost of repairs and expediting the process for the driver in question.

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