Last year Snap, Snapchat’s parent company, launched Spectacles. For those unfamiliar, Spectacles is basically a pair of augmented reality glasses with a camera built into it. It seemed like a novel concept but yet many were snapping up (pun intended) the device whenever the vending machine popped up in their city.

However for those who were too slow on the take, we guess that’s too bad and you’d have to rely on third-party websites like eBay or Craigslist and hope that someone would be selling the device at a reasonable price. However that is expected to change this year as Snap has announced their plans to broaden the availability of Spectacles.

In its IPO filing, which was filed the other day and where Snap was aiming to raise as much as $3 billion, Snap announced, “We have limited manufacturing experience for our only physical product, Spectacles, and we do not have any internal manufacturing capabilities. Instead, we rely on one contract manufacturer to build Spectacles … Any errors or defects in that third-party technology could result in errors in our products that could seriously harm our business.”

We’re not sure how Snap plans to increase the availability, whether it be by selling it through its website, third-party retailers, or if they will set up permanent locations, but if you’ve been eyeing the device, this year could be your year to get your hands on it.

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