WhatsApp announced in the fall last year that it was testing two-factor authentication in beta. The feature will provide users with an additional layer of security so that they can remain safe on the service. The Facebook-owned company today announced that it’s ditching the beta tag for this feature now and is rolling out two-factor authentication for all of its users on iOS, Android, and Windows devices across the globe.

WhatsApp is used by more than 1.2 billion people across the globe so you can be sure that quite a lot of people are going to take advantage of this new safety feature, however, they may have to update the app before they can use it.

Two-step authentication is going to add an additional layer of security to WhatsApp accounts by requiring users to set up a secondary method of authentication. Normally it’s a code that’s sent to a registered mobile number after the password is entered.

The first method of authentication for WhatsApp users is going to be the app on the mobile device and the second is going to be the six-digit passcode that they create once they set up two-factor authentication. Users will be required to enter the passcode to log into the app every seven days.

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