As you have probably heard, the US and UK governments have issued a ban on flights flying out of certain countries to the US and UK in which larger electronic devices have to be checked in. This means that basically any electronic gadget larger than a smartphone has to be checked in, which we can only imagine can be rather inconvenient.


However the good news is that if you are flying from one of the affected countries and you need your laptop or tablet for work, you might want to fly Emirates. This is because the airlines has come up with a workaround on the ban. While larger electronics are still banned and need to be checked in, what Emirates has done is that they will allow passengers to use their gadgets right before they board.

This means that while waiting to board, you’ll still be able to send off a couple of work emails, work on that proposal, right until the very last minute. After which Emirates staff will then go around collecting your gadgets and they will be stowed together with the luggages in the cargo hold.

Granted it’s not the most ideal situation, but we guess it’s better than nothing at all, right? In a statement made by Emirates Airline president Sir Tim Clark, “Our new complimentary service enables passengers, particularly those flying for business, to have the flexibility to use their devices until the last possible moment.”

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