Image credit – Abner Li/9to5Google

If there is one advantage that Google Assistant has over other AI-based software like Siri or Alexa is that it doesn’t work with just voice. A good example would be how Google Assistant has been baked into apps like Allo, where users can interact with it in other ways besides issuing voice commands.

However it seems that Google has introduced a new ability to the software, where it will now be capable of reading and interacting with regular text messages. Like we said earlier, it was baked into Allo but now it will work with more than just Allo, such as text messages. There are a variety of commands that users can use, such as “Do I have any messages?” or “Show me my last message”, and so on. The only limitation, if you can call it that, is that it can’t read notifications.

We guess this might be ideal if you want more detailed ways of showing your text messages and can’t use your voice, such as in a meeting or if you’re outside. At the moment Google is rolling out Google Assistant to Android devices that aren’t Pixel handsets, so if you haven’t received it yet you should soon, and you’ll be able to take advantage of features such as this.

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