Back in the day when voice assistants were first launched, many of them had stayed as exclusives to the platforms they were designed for. Siri for iOS, Google Now for Android, and Cortana for Windows. However over time companies started to make their AI available to others, which is what Microsoft did by launching Cortana for non-Windows devices.


Now if you do like using Cortana but felt that its iOS version could use some reworking, you’ll be pleased to learn that’s exactly what Microsoft has done. The company had previously promised that a revamp of Cortana is something that they were working on and now they have delivered.

While we have yet to try it out for ourselves, it seems that the new version of Cortana is faster than its predecessor in terms of loading times. It is also defaulted into listening for voice commands and questions, and its home screen can even display Google Now-like cards for a bunch of topics such as the weather, traffic, package deliveries, and more.

There is also a button that exists in the bottom right corner of the app where users can tap it to bring up quick action buttons and commands without the need to speak. If this something that you’ve been waiting for, then you’ll be able to grab the revamped version from the iTunes App Store.

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