Nintendo has broken from tradition as it’s not going to allow you to transfer Nintendo Switch save data. Nintendo’s previous handheld and home consoles allowed players to transfer and backup their saved game data but that’s not going to be possible with the company’s latest console, the Nintendo Switch. This is clearly explained on the company’s FAQ section for the console. It’s rather unfortunate that Nintendo has decided to not allow players to transfer Nintendo Switch save data.

Players invest a lot of time and effort into building progress in their favorite games so naturally, they would want to backup those save files to use should something go wrong, but that’s not going to be possible on the Switch.

Nintendo explains in the FAQ section why you can’t transfer Nintendo Switch save data. That’s because the files are saved on the console’s internal storage and can’t be copied or saved to a microSD card. So what happens if you run out of internal storage? The FAQ says that you need to delete some files to make room for more. It sounds like you’d have to do that more often than you’d like because the console only has 32GB of internal memory and almost a quarter of that is reserved for the operating system.

So the company has confirmed that it’s impossible to transfer Nintendo Switch save data at this point in time, this doesn’t mean that the company might not add this functionality at some point down the line, but I think many would have preferred if the company would not have imposed this limitation from the get go.

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