Under Apple Care if you were to send in your device and it were to be replaced, sometimes what you end up with is a refurbished unit. What this means is that this device has been used before, but it has been cleaned up and has had certain parts replaced to make it feel brand new, even though technically it’s not.


For the most part Apple customers seem to be OK with it, except over in the Netherlands where a Dutch court has ruled that Apple cannot replace new units for refurbished one. The case started from a woman who purchased an iPad and due to problems, was entitled for a new device in which Apple gave her a refurbished unit in which she refused to accept it.

According to the judge’s ruling, “A replacement iPad is, despite everything that Apple has argued about it, not a new iPad, but a replacement. Apple is not selling ‘replacements’ as new in the market.” It also seems that not only will Apple have to deal with this in the Netherlands, but a civil suit has been filed on similar grounds in California.

There is a bit of debate surrounding refurbished devices and as to their status of whether it is new or used. However refurbished products tend to be considerably cheaper than brand new, and for the most part work like new, but we guess not everyone sees it that way.

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