Just like YouTube, Facebook has a problem with people stealing original content and reposting it under their own name or own page. This can be a problem for creators who are hoping to earn money through their videos, but not to worry because in Facebook’s bid to transform itself into a more legit video platform, they can come up with a solution.

According to a press release, Facebook announced that they have made some improvements to its Rights Manager tool which helps content creators manage their works. One of those improvements comes in the form of automated match actions, which means that these are options that users can set Rights Manager to perform automatically whenever their own copyrighted content is discovered.

One of them is to block the content from being viewable, and the other is to claim ad earnings. According to Facebook, this feature “Allows rights owners to claim a share of the money generated if an Ad Break runs in a piece of content that matches the rights owner’s reference file. We’re still early days with testing Ad Break, but this option may be something rights owners want to use in the future.”

Whether or not this will help with copyrighted videos being stolen and reposted under a different name remains to be seen, but these tools should hopefully be good enough to lure more creators to its platform.

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