The thing about devices like Google Home or Amazon Echo is that it doesn’t really make sense for everyone in a household to own one device each. However given that we all have different needs and preferences, these devices would have a hard time catering to everyone. We’re not sure what Amazon’s plans are, but for Google they believe the answer is multi-user support.

For those who own the Google Home and the accompanying app, you might have noticed a card that tells you that multiple users are now supported. However it seems that this feature has yet to be launched, but Google has since confirmed that this is a feature that will be coming soon to Google Home.

In Google’s support website for Home, it reads, “It is not officially launched yet, it is some announcement that we are having to let our users know about the next update that we will release would allow multiple users. Rest assured that once it is release your Google Home will get the latest update and notification from the app will be given in order for you to know that the feature is officially out.”

Presumably the idea and goal for multi-user support is so that Google Home will be able to understand when different users are using it and be able to cater to that person’s needs, thus creating a service that is more personalized.

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