Our email inboxes have largely existed the same way for the longest time ever, and users who wanted a more organized inbox were pretty much left to organize it themselves manually. This is the problem that Google’s Inbox tried to solve, where the service would automatically organize a user’s emails automatically.

For example if you booked a hotel and a flight, it would bundle that under a trip to make it easier to refer to and delete when necessary. Now it seems that in a recent update, Google has added the option for users to enable a feature called High Priority Notifications. As the name suggests, this is where the Inbox app will only notify users of emails that it thinks are of a high priority.

Exactly what criteria an email has to meet to be considered high priority is unclear, but we guess maybe things like updates or newsletters probably won’t make the list, or unless the sender has specified that the email is of a high priority. That being said, Android Police has pointed out that the feature isn’t live for everyone just yet, so if you don’t see the option then it probably means it has yet to find its way to you, but fret not as it probably will in due time.

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