The Nintendo Switch did not launch with many games, but this is pretty common whenever new consoles are launched. Now apart from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, another “key” game for the Switch console was the Nintendo-made title 1-2 Switch. Basically these are a bunch of games designed to show off what the console can do.


In a way it is also similar to how Wii Sports demonstrated how the Wii’s motion controllers could be used in gaming. Now we know that some gamers griped about 1-2 Switch at the start and were hoping for something more like Wii Sports, but as it turns out 1-2 Switch is doing pretty well. Nintendo’s latest financials revealed that they are on track to shipping 1 million copies of the game.

According to the company, “1-2-Switch, which was also released at the same time as Nintendo Switch, is likewise on track to ship one million units very soon. This title has become something of a hot topic due to the way it uses Nintendo Switch in some unconventional ways compared to other game systems.”

Nintendo’s financials also confirmed that third-party games were also doing quite well, such as Konami’s Super Bomberman R which managed to ship over 500,000 units. We should remind you guys that shipped units does not equate to units sold, although it does to a certain extent represent the demand for them, so either way it is still pretty good news.

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