Image credit – _NSR/Reddit

As with all new product launches, there are bound to be issues that crop up that all the beta testing in the world might not necessarily pick up on. This is because a handful of devices being tested in a facility in a controlled setting is very different when the product has shipped out to hundreds of thousands of consumers who use it in a variety of different ways and settings.

While the issues with the Joy-Con controllers on the Nintendo Switch appear to have been addressed, a new problem has surfaced. In a post on Reddit by user _NSR (via Attack of the Fanboy), he posted a photo of what appears to be a warped Nintendo Switch console. _NSR is not the only user to have this problem as other Redditors have similarly chimed in and echoed his claims.

As to what this is happening, it has been theorized that this is because when the Switch is docked and the screen is off, it leaves the back part of the Switch hotter and against the metal part of the dock, and since heat and plastic aren’t really the best of friends, this could resulted in the warping.

However we should point out that since not all Switch users are experiencing this problem, it is possible that maybe there are more “manufacturing variances” that could have resulted in Switch units potentially running hotter than others and leading to the warping. In any case if you do notice your console warping, there’s really no way around it but to get in touch with Nintendo’s customer support for a possible exchange/return.

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