As if there aren’t already enough selfie apps out there, Microsoft today announced its new Sprinkles app that’s powered by artificial intelligence. It’s quite similar to other apps of its kind on the face of it. Sprinkles enables users to customize their selfies with captions and stickers. However, it’s also powered by Microsoft’s artificial intelligence learning software and its face detection software which it says allows for features unique to this app.


Once Sprinkles is used to capture a selfie, the app is going to provide several suggestions based on what it sees. It can serve up automatic photo booth style props, guess the user’s age, match their face with that of a celebrity, and even offer suggestions for captions that go with that picture.

The captions can be based on the photo’s content, the day of the week or the user’s location. Many caption options are based on the face detection software so it will provide matching captions that it thinks go well with that particular selfie. Users will obviously be able to write their own caption as well.

This was no doubt a fun little project for the folks at Microsoft that came up with this. Just how well it ends up performing against the plethora of similar selfie apps remains to be seen. Sprinkles is only available for the iPhone right now. It’s available as a free download from the App Store.

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