Live streaming on YouTube isn’t exactly a new feature. However live streaming from mobile was previously limited to those with at least 10,000 subscribers or more and if their channels had been verified. This meant that there are probably quite a few YouTube channels out there that are missing out on this feature.


However that appears to be no longer the case. YouTube has recently updated its support page where it now states that YouTube channels that have been verified and have at least 1,000 subscribers will now be able to live stream on their mobile devices. Prior to this, there were some YouTubers with less than 10,000 subscribers who confirmed that they were allowed to live stream, but we guess with the support page having been updated, it is more official.

So this means that if you have a relatively small channel but want to enjoy some of the perks and features that were previously only available to larger channels, this living streaming feature will be one of them. Some of the other requirements include owning an Android device with Android 6.0 or higher, or an iOS device that runs iOS 8 or higher. Users will also be required to not have any kind of live stream restrictions imposed on them from at least 90 days ago, and if you meet all those requirements then you should have no problems taking advantage of the feature.

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