Google’s Allo communication app is only available for smartphones at this point in time, however, it has been known for quite some time now that a web app is going to be released soon. Google is yet to confirm precisely when that’s going to happen. Allo for the web is now being tested and the latest report is that it’s still “a month or two” from release.

The update on Allo for web’s status comes from Google’s vice president of product management Nick Fox. He tweeted that he has been using the web client of Allo for over a week now and that it has been performing well.

Fox did mention that the client is still under development so it’s going to take some time before it’s ready. He added that it could take “a month or two” before it’s ready for the public.

Google Allo for web is going to offer most of the features that you get on the mobile apps. This means that Google Assistant will be onboard aside from smart replies, searches, incognito chats, stickers, and more.

The company didn’t mention the web version of Allo during its keynote at the I/O 2017 developers conference yesterday. Many would have hoped that it would announce the rollout yesterday but that didn’t happen.

So all users can do right now is wait and see when Google rolls out Allo for the web.

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