There are plenty of ways for students to form discussion groups via digital means. This can be done on forums, apps like Skype, or even WhatsApp. In fact it seems that maybe WhatsApp could be the way to go because a recent study found that students who participate in WhatsApp group chats can express themselves better.

Apparently this is due to the freedom that they have when it comes to expressing themselves, and because of that it will allow them to develop closer and open relationship with their peers. The study involved two groups of youths aged 16-17 and 14-15, and found that the youths felt that WhatsApp helped to break down the hierarchical division created in school.

Speaking to, Arie Kizel from University of Haifa in Israel said, “The group chats are based on trust among the members of the group, and this enhances the possibility to be in contact. The discussions on Whatsapp enable the development of a social environment that is warm and human.”

We’re not sure if this is only for WhatsApp or if other chat/messenger apps are just as viable, but it’s interesting to see how technology these days is helping people communicate with each other more easily than before.

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