A lot of companies offer free trials before you sign up for a new service, which is completely understandable since why would you want to pay for a service that you don’t know whether you’ll end up liking or using, right? The length of these trials vary from service to service, but Google is extending those trials for some users.

According to reports, it has been noticed that for some users, they are seeing Google offer up a 4-month trial for services such as Play Music and YouTube Red. At the moment Play Music and YouTube Red already offers trials to users before they sign up which usually runs for about 1-2 months, however like we said, some users are seeing 4 month options.

We’re not sure how widespread this offer is as sometimes Google makes different offers for different regions, markets, or users. For example first-time users who have never signed up for a trial before might be offered longer trials to entice them to sign up, versus users who have signed up before who might not be offered the same deal.

In any case for those who are interested in seeing whether or not the 4 month trial is available to them, head on over to Play Music or YouTube Red for the details.

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