Ad blockers are browser extensions that disable any and all ads online. An argument can be made that ad blockers come in handy when some publishers serve spammy ads or ads that spread malware. However, an overwhelming majority of publishers who are just looking to run their sites within Google’s guidelines rely on advertising as a major source of revenue. Legitimate publishers take a big hit, which if why to facilitate them, Google has said that it will let publishers charge users with ad blockers.

Funding Choices is a new program that Google has developed for publishers to help them with good ad experiences and ensure that they get paid for their work. Funding Choices is now in beta.

It enables publishers to show a customized message to visitors who are using ad blockers to invite them to either enable ads on their website or pay a small amount for a pass that removes all ads on that particular website.

“Funding Choices allows us to have a conversation with visitors using ad blockers on how our business works, and provide them a choice to whitelist or contribute to our newsroom,” said Marc Boswell, SVP of sales operations at Business Insider.

Funding Choices is being rolled out for publishers in North America, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand initially before it’s eventually expanded to more markets across the globe.

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