Back when smartphones were still in their burgeoning stages, there weren’t too many players around which allowed companies such as Apple to gain a foothold in the market. For a while it seemed like companies such as Apple and Samsung would continue to dominate the market, and they did for several years, until more Chinese OEMs started to get into the business.

By offering up cheaper phones with similar specs, or at least specs that are value for money, Chinese OEMs started to gain momentum and in a report from The Economic Times, it seems that Huawei might have overtaken Apple in terms of global sales volume. This was confirmed by Huawei India Director for Product Centre Allen Wang who was quoted as saying, “Huawei overtook Apple in global sales volume share in December.”

According to Wang, Huawei’s market share in December 2016 had managed to hit 13.2% globally. This is versus Apple who allegedly was around the 12% mark. No doubt this is great news for Huawei and also could be seen as inspiration for other Chinese OEMs who are similarly looking to make their mark and topple the more established players.

However it has been previously reported that Apple’s iPhone sales have been on the decline, but that is expected to change this year with the launch of the iPhone 8, which some analysts are predicting will lead to another super cycle for the Cupertino company.

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