There are all sorts of ways to get someone to click on a video to watch. You could have an interesting thumbnail, an eye-catching title, or the content itself could be controversial in which you would gain views, although in this case not everyone might be a fan or “like” your videos, but views are still views, right?

Unfortunately for YouTubers who insist on putting up offensive content in hopes to gain more views and thus generating more money from ads, that will no longer be possible, thanks to YouTube’s new creator guidelines which helps to clarify what makes a video considered to be “ad friendly”, and also details what kind of videos are ineligible to earn ad revenue.

This has been a problem for YouTube in recent times as it has been noted that some videos which were considered by many to be offensive were showing ads, which in turn led to companies pulling their ads from the website. Not only did this affect creator revenue, but YouTube’s as well which might explain why they are clamping down on such videos.

YouTube has since said that many advertisers have returned after discussions and the addition of new controls. Ultimately if you are going to put out videos that will offend, don’t expect to make a buck from it, at least not from YouTube.

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