Companies like Google from time to time conduct experiments in the form of apps that are created just out of fun. One of the results of those experiments came in the form of Uptime, an app for YouTube that was the born out of the Area 120 incubator. The app was initially launched in beta form, but it looks like it is now available to all.

For those who are unfamiliar with Uptime, like we said it is an app designed for YouTube that is meant to help create a more social watching experience. Basically YouTube is a largely solo experience where you watch it on your computer or mobile device, and unless your friends are seated around you, they don’t really get to see what you see, and sharing videos means you have to wait for them to finish it to discuss it.

With Uptime, users get to watch videos at the same time, meaning that what you are watching this very second is pretty much what your friend is watching too. Users can add reactions and comments during the video’s playback, so it’s almost as if you’re discussing the video in person, almost like how SoundCloud’s commenting system on tracks works.

Unfortunately at the moment Uptime is only available on iOS devices and is available via the iTunes App Store. We’re not sure if there are plans to eventually bring it onto Android, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it eventually were to be released on Android later on.

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