When you order multiple drinks at McDonald’s to go, usually what happens is that they will give you a drink tray made out of cardboard to help hold them. We’re sure that what many of you guys do when you’re done with the drink tray is to throw them away, but McDonald’s Canada is hoping you’ll hang onto them a bit longer.

Through a partnership with the University of Waterloo’s Audio Research Group and industry design company Stacklab, McDonald’s Canada is turning their cardboard drink trays into portable speakers for your smartphone. Unfortunately this appears to be a very limited release and will only be available on the 28th of July at Toronto’s Woodbine Beach where it will be available in limited quantities.

Now the beauty of these speakers, dubbed the McDonald’s Boombox, is that there are no electronics involved. Instead what happens is that it takes the sound coming from your smartphone’s speakers and increases them by amping up the sound pressure levels via the cardboard speaker enclosure.

Granted you won’t be getting the same treble/bass response that you might get from actual speakers, but it’s a quick and easy way to bump up the volume, and it costs pretty much next to nothing. So if you do live in Toronto, Canada, perhaps you’ll want to head down to Woodbine Beach this Friday to check it out.

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