Microsoft launched a custom keyboard for iOS devices earlier this year called Word Flow. The keyboard received good reviews when it was launched. It felt like Microsoft wanted to recreate the Windows phone typing experience on iOS devices with Word Flow. It was actually an experiment being conducted by Microsoft Garage team which appears to be done with it because Word Flow for iOS is no longer available.


Word Flow for iOS did much more than just port the Windows Phone keyboard to iOS. It offered a handful of good features. For example, users could configure an arc-shaped keyboard for easier one-hand typing. The keyboard had support for themes as well.

Microsoft Garage has posted an update on its page for Word Flow. The update confirms that this was an experiment from the get go and that now it’s no longer available because the experiment has been completed.

“The Word Flow experiment is now complete! We encourage you to download the SwiftKey Keyboard from the App Store. The SwiftKey product team is frequently building and evaluating new features for SwiftKey and shipping updates. We encourage feedback at,” reads Microsoft Garage’s page.

It’s not surprising that Microsoft is directing potential Word Flow users to SwiftKey. After all, SwiftKey is now owned by Microsoft.

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