With the release of the Wii, Nintendo introduced games like Wii Sports that took advantage of the console’s features, like its motion controllers. The company did the same with the Nintendo Switch with titles such as 1-2 Switch that basically showed players all kinds of things that they could do with the console and its Joy-Cons.

Now if you thought that Nintendo was done with Switch-specific titles, think again because the company has confirmed that they have additional titles in the works. The company’s managing executive officer Shinya Takahashi was quoted as saying, “We are working on a variety of projects now where we are asking ourselves how we can follow up on 1-2-Switch in terms of using Nintendo Switch to play differently, and what would be fun to play. “We are looking forward to announcing some of these projects soon.”

Exactly what kind of games we might be able to expect remains a mystery for now, but we expect Nintendo will eventually reveal them. As it stands the company has quite a few titles that they have yet to release for the console, such as Super Mario Odyssey and also Super Smash Bros. that was confirmed earlier this year, although details are scarce.

There were also a bunch of announcements made at E3 in collaboration with other developers, like Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. In any case we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled, so check back with us in the coming months for the details.

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