The Nintendo Switch has turned out to be a hit for the company. Nintendo today announced its official sales figures for the Nintendo Switch in its Q1 earnings. The company announced that it sold only 2 million units of the Nintendo Switch. I say only because it could have sold a lot more if it was able to make them fast enough.


Supply shortages have plagued the Nintendo Switch ever since it was released in March this year. Even though it has been months since the console was released, you still can’t just walk into a store and walk out with a Switch. It’s virtually sold out at all major retailers and whenever new stock does arrive, it sells out very quickly.

This goes to show that Nintendo could have sold more than the 2 million Switch units that it already did in the first quarter had it been able to make the units fast enough. Despite that, Nintendo will be happy that it’s not seeing a repeat of the Wii U which only sold 13.5 million units during its entire lifespan.

There’s ample demand for the company’s new console but Nintendo doesn’t seem to be changing its production and stocking process. Nintendo is still predicting sales for the year to come in at 13 million units which is the same projection that the company has had since last year.

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