Electronics and water don’t go well together, so if a robot were to ever commit suicide, it would probably find somewhere with lots of water. That’s precisely what one DC-based security robot did. It went straight into a fountain inside an office complex because apparently, it had seen enough.


The Knightscope K5 is a security patrol robot which weighs 300 pounds and is five feet tall. It’s difficult for the robot to get back up on its own if it tips over due to its armless design and overall shape.

While it’s not entirely clear why the robot ended up in the fountain, the Knightscope K5 security robot was installed to secure an office building. One would assume that being drowned in a fountain would be enough to kill the robot.

However, there are no reports about the robot’s condition at this point in time so it’s unclear whether or not it survived the swim. It’s anybody’s guess right now why the robot thought it would be a good idea to run straight into a fountain.

Robots may very well be the future but as it stands right now, the K5 had to be taken out of the fountain by humans. I guess we can hold on to our supremacy over the machines for a little bit longer.

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