Did you know that it has been 10 years since the first “The Simpsons” movie was released? For those who haven’t been counting, it was released back in 2007 which makes it 10 years old. Given the popularity of the series, the success of the movie, we’re sure many are wondering where the heck is the movie’s sequel?


Unfortunately for fans, it seems that you might have a long wait ahead of you, if there is even going to be one at all. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the movie’s director David Silverman was quoted as saying, “I’d love for there to be another one. We’re still a ways away from it. We talk about this and that. We’re thinking it over, but nothing’s happening just yet.…. It’s still daunting because it really knocked the stuffing out of us to do the movie and the show at the same time.”

However like we said, despite it being in its very earliest stages, there’s still a chance it might not happen. According to The Simpsons showrunner Al Jean, “I certainly am cautious about a couple things. I wouldn’t want it to be risky in terms of budget, and I would not want it to be anything that we did purely for the money. I would want it to be a really great movie. I personally feel no need for another one unless it’s great.”

In any case we guess only time will tell if fans of the franchise will be granted another movie, so until it has been officially announced, maybe don’t get your hopes up just yet.

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